Giggs and Big Ryde to present new show on Beats 1

Big news in the realms of internet radio and UK Rap as The Landlord aka Giggs has announced that he’s partnered up with Apple Music for his very own show on Beats 1.

He’ll be co-hosting with DJ Big Ryde, who seasoned fans of UK Rap and Giggs’ earlier mixtapes will be well aware of. The show is simply titled ‘SN1’ and will see the pair run tracks from across the UK.

Speaking to Julie about the show, Giggs said:

“To be honest I’m not going to lie its not even that deep man. Man just want to run some riddms, thats it. Im not going to lie. And we can, we got the platform so lets run some riddims innit. Big Ryde does this ting, and obviously its me and Big Ryde on this show. Ryde’s the late night grime session king, you get me, a bit of gangster music, he’ll be right at home.”

Listen to the interview below and make sure you lock in Friday 10th February at 8pm for the debut show.