The Lowdown: Snowy and Massappeals – ‘Boy Behave’ [Premiere and Interview]

Nottingham MC Snowy is something of a favourite for The Lowdown. He’s been mentioned in plenty of our pieces and we always recommend that our readers check him out. So when we heard that he had a new EP dropping with Massappeals we couldn’t wait to hear it.

Massappeals has spent the last few months working with a number of MCs from around the midlands, and this release with Snowy is the latest of the lot. His spacious but bass-heavy beats provide the perfect backing track for the young Notts MC’s shamelessly honest stories about girls, nights out and his general life, all served up in a thick Nottingham accent with tongue firmly in cheek.

Check out ‘Boy Behave’ below if you had any doubt…

How did the project come about?

Snowy: Basically the tune’s been signed to Hot Damn Life records, they linked me with Massappeal. I’ve worked with JiKay who has worked with people Massappeal has worked with because he’s from Leicester and I’m from Notts so it’s not far away. I went over to Leicester and he made the beats for me especially.

Massappeal: I heard snowy on the track “Sticky Blood – One bar in ft. Snowy & Coco” a while back and loved it. I liked Snowy’s flow and thought if I made some music a little slowly than 140 with a lot of space for Snowy to fill in it could be good.

So the beats are quite minimalist and left-field, did you find it easy to spit over them?

Snowy: You see, with me, I prefer to spit over them. All those beats with bare noises stress me out mate! I want people to hear me over the beat. I’d been listening to loads of techno and roadwork stuff and I said to him I wanted something more minimalist. We went over there and we made Boy Behave first, that was meant to be the a-side originally, then I wanted something that was a bit weird. It’s a bit left-field and ‘Boy in Da Corner’-inspired, because that’s my favourite album of all time.

Did you see Dizzee perform the album live recently?

Snowy: I had to miss it! Life got in the way. I was fuming because I had free tickets and everything, I was FUMING.

Yeah, the track was quite ‘Boy in Da Corner’ inspired and also inspired by a guy from Bristol called Lamont too.

So what happened when you were in studio?

Snowy: We made the basis of ‘Boy Behave’, not quite the final version, then I messaged a girl I know in Leicester to do the female vocals. She’s not a singer or anything so she was nervous trying to do it and she kept doing it wrong, but eventually it went alright. When I went back a week or two later I was inspired by bassline tunes. I don’t like tunes with loads of stuff going on though, so I decided to say to Massappeal to make a bassline tune, but a bit different. I’ve been describing it as bassline, but in 2020, or 2022 or something like it. It’s 4/4 but it’s slightly different.

Then when you listen to grime and at the minute everyone is using one-line flows, so I decided I wanted a track like that, but I didn’t want to be the same as everyone else. There isn’t a hook on the tune, but we’ve used the one-line flows throughout. It’s not like a normal 8 bar, there are actually only 6 bars in each 8 bars. It’s an unusual construction.

If you listen to ‘Shutdown’ and ‘That’s Not Me’, it’s the same song. ‘Man’ too! I wanted to do something different.

Knots and Durt have both captured peoples’ imaginations recently; are you trying to keep the momentum going?

Snowy: Yeah. Durt is actually made up of bars that I’d had for years, or for a year at least. I released the ‘Knots’ EP and then realised that I hadn’t released anything for about six months!

So I went studio and wrapped up Durt in 15 minutes and put it out on SoundCloud. I sent it to a few DJs and suddenly Plastician was playing it, then GRM Daily had re-posted it, Complex had re-posted it so I decided to release it.

I’ve actually had this EP done since June, so I’ve been waiting for this as well. These days you don’t really have to wait to release something, especially if you’ve got your own distribution like me.

I’ve always got tunes waiting. At the minute I’ve got 80 tunes that are unreleased and even more that’ll probably never be released. This is just the start, next year I’m coming for it all.

I saw Manga tweeting about you being in Roll Deep now, what’s the deal there?

Snowy: Ahhh, I can’t really say. It’s one of them, innit? If anyone asks I’ve got my 8-bar. If anyone asks then I’ve got love for the fam when I’m here!

Yo, I’ve got my 8-bar!

So what’s coming next?

Snowy: This EP is what I really, really want to do well at the minute. We’ve got videos sorted too. I was at Red Bull yesterday and we were discussing things we could do. I’ve always got ideas, bro. I’ve got fashion ideas, music ideas, ideas on how to help out people from my ends wherever I can.

Who should we be looking out for from Nottingham?

Snowy: Kyeza, 0115 Mob and I would say that at the minute…

So who are you rating in the rest of the scene at the minute?

Snowy: Ah, I never answer them questions man. I’m just rating me. I’m the Greatest of All Time. You know what though, when this EP comes out I’m going to be like “I told you so”. I knew it all this time and it’s only recently that I’ve started flexing on guys.

It’s true that your bars are never short of a flex or two…

Snowy: It’s all true stories as well. In fact, can you say RIP to Becky Brock because she was mentioned in a song and she was a beautiful, wonderful girl. I’m not a sentimental guy but I wanted that to be a tribute.

Is there anything else you want to talk about before we go?

Snowy: Yeah basically, we had a great time making the EP. I’m going to take over the bassline circuit, which is strange because there are bare people in London who want to do bassline, but in the midlands it’s just normal. Essentially with this EP I wanted to make something weird, something different, something exotic and leftfield. I feel like we’ve done that.

Massappeal: Snowy records 4 bars at a time, I’d never seen anyone do this before, 1 4 bar then a rest for 4 bars and then the next, then goes back in and fills the gaps. Very sick style, was a pleasure to work with him.

Find Snowy on Twitter – @SNOW667