SBTV: Summer Poetry Jam hosted by SULI BREAKS!


After the electric success of the #SBTVSummerCookout showcasing independent food vendors and up and coming musicians, Suli Breaks approached SBTV to collaborate on a poetry event. We agreed that this would be a great opportunity to platform a whole different art.

Poetry is an art form combining philosophy and lyricism. It is the foundation of so much that we have come to love; rap, grime, hip-hop all find their roots in poetry. At this Summer Poetry Jam, the SBTV team, alongside Suli Breaks and Idiot Savant, have curated a line-up of talented and original poets from around London, all with important and powerful messages to share. Each poet will take to the stage for between 10 – 15minutes. We expect an intimate and engaging atmosphere with performers encouraged to interact with the audience.


  • RaRa
  • Anthony Anaxagorou
  • Amina Jama
  • Yomi Sode
  • Caleb Femi
  • Ayo Wrote
  • Nego True
  • Theresa Lola
  • Cecilia Knapp
  • Laurie Ogden
  • Lionheart

We will also have a live electronic jazz band performing beautiful melodies at the intervals and between sets. With poetry, jazz, good food, and good music its set to be a real summer jam!

All you have to do is be there and LISTEN.

Advance tickets are just £5 & £7, come and SUPPORT:

(This is an 18+ event so please bring I.D, passport or drivers’ license).