Steven Avery’s lawyer says ‘the inevitable is coming’ in Making A Murderer case
(Jeffrey Phelps/AP/PA)

The new lawyer representing Making A Murderer’s Steven Avery said “the inevitable is coming” in her client’s case.

Kathleen Zellner recently revealed she has new evidence that she claims will prove he is innocent and she has subsequently tweeted she has visited him in prison for new tests.

If you haven’t watched the Netflix docuseries that has taken the world by storm yet, you should know that Steven spent 18 years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit as proved by DNA evidence. He was then jailed again for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach – another crime which he maintains he did not commit.

Making A Murderer looks at cracks in the prosecution case, including allegations that police who had made mistakes during his first wrongful conviction framed him to save their skin. Honestly, watch it if you haven’t yet.

Steven Avery
Steven Avery (Jeffrey Phelps/AP/PA)

Zellner recently told The Lip.TV what attracted her to the case: “It’s the evidence. In having had a number of these cases, it has the signature of a wrongful conviction case. They only focused on him. They did not look at a lot of other suspects, certainly some very key people they should have been looking at. There was a very poor investigation done of the victim’s background, who she was involved with, the circumstances of her life. It had all of the hallmarks of a wrongful conviction case.”

Here’s the full interview.

This certainly isn’t the last we have heard of Steven Avery.