This Japanese pool player’s post-game interview will absolutely baffle you

Naoyuki Oi, a Japanese pool player, had just been knocked out of the World Pool Masters at the quarter-final stage, so you’d think he’d be a bit sad.

The truth is, it was hard to tell just how he was feeling.

That’s after Oi spoke to Sky Sports presenter Tony Wrighton to discuss his 8-4 defeat to Albin Ouschan. Good luck analysing this one.

Asked by Wrighton how he was feeling, Oi responded: “Excuse me? Can you speak English? You. Me? No English! No problem.”

He continued: “Every time, happy, I have a pen, I have a (inaudible) hey, apple pen!” before adding, “Go! Go home! I go home!”

It all seems a bit confusing, but apparently the “apple pen” part might have something to do with this song by Pikotaro, a character made up by Japanese comedian Kosaka Daimaou.

Any clearer? Us neither.