Jesse Lingard invented a new way to celebrate his extraordinary goal and got roasted on the internet

Jesse Lingard’s stunning strike proved decisive for Manchester United as he blasted home a 62nd-minute goal to ease his team to 3-1 victory.

What happened next left the footballing community completely baffled.

For some reason, Lingard decided to pull out an imaginary flute and play an imaginary tune, while performing some sort of a jig routine.

And fans were collectively face-palming:

In case you are wondering why Lingard went all Pied Piper on the pitch, here’s his explanation:

“There is a new album from Drake that has just dropped,” he said.

“One of the songs, I promised my mate I would do that celebration if I scored.”

Well that clears it up.

And judging from his Snapchat post, it looks like Lingard isn’t going to let go of that imaginary flute any time soon…

Jesse Lingard.
(Jesse Lingard/Snapchat)