Chelsea’s new £900 million kit deal puts them up there with the world’s elite clubs

Chelsea have signed a new kit deal with Nike, thought to be the largest commercial deal in the club’s history, at a reported £900 million. You could buy 10 Paul Pogba’s for that amount, were there 10 available.

At £60 million a season for 15 years (Two thirds of a Paul Pogba each season) the deal will replace their current Adidas deal six years early.

The Adidas deal was due to run until 2023, but Chelsea have decided to opt out of the agreement.

While the Blues have yet to confirm the cash details, the deal would bring them up to second in the Premier League, behind only Manchester United (Adidas: £75 million per season), and leaving Arsenal (Puma: £34 million per season) in third.

Lots of money, right? You’d have thought so, but even Manchester United are eclipsed by La Liga’s big two, Barcelona and Real Madrid, who both earn in excess of £100 million per season through their respective kit deals.

That’s some expensive clobber.