Some genius has turned your favourite grime artists into Pokemon cards

There was nothing quite like frantically ripping open a new pack of Pokemon cards in the hope that, inside, that elusive shiny Charizard was waiting for you – as desperate to be held in your hands as you were to show it off to anyone who’d pay attention, as well as those who wouldn’t.

Well we have good news. We have great news. Ben Gore, a Brighton-based photographer and hugely talented illustrator has combined the worlds of grime and Pokemon in a way not seen since JME drove around London swapping shiny Charizards for Integrity.

“I just thought it was sick”, Ben said over the phone about JME’s exploits that day and his legendary love of Pokemon. It was that which inspired his creation, which he’s dubbed Grimemon, and that will be on sale here from the beginning of June. He’s even trying to get hold of the foil packets Pokemon cards come in. Super legit.

Skepta as a Pokemon card
(Ben Gore)

From the ones we’ve seen so far our favourite has to be JME, if only for the attention to detail. For his attack “Box” Ben’s written for the description: “Flip a coin. If tails, box with X6 key. If heads, box with fob to log into HSBC”.

Elsewhere on the card he’s described as a “Vegan Pokemon known to spit fire”.

JME as a Pokemon
(Ben Gore)

Other artists to expect in the pack we know you’re planning on buying are Chip, Devlin, Kano, Stormzy, Lady Leshurr, Frisco, Lethal Bizzle, Novelist and more. Uncle Pain makes an appearance too.

“There are my personal favourites and then a few you can’t ignore”, Ben explained. “Tempa T was the most fun to draw”.

But it’s not just important which grime artists are involved – equally significant is which Pokemon they’ve been chosen to represent. Big Narstie is obviously Snorlax, Ghetts is Abra, Tempa T is Geodude, Wiley is Meowth and Newham Generals are a double version of Dugtrio. Skepta, above, has been imagined as Hitmonchan.

Here are all the ones revealed by Ben so far ahead of the release.

Tempa T as a Pokemon
(Ben Gore)
Newham Generals imagined as Pokemon
(Ben Gore)
Ghetts as a Pokemon
(Ben Gore)
Wiley as a Pokemon
(Ben Gore)
Big Narstie as a Pokemon
(Ben Gore)

It’s not the first time Ben has taken on a project like this. He’s previously created Hip Hop Tarot featuring all 21 Arcana cards reimagined with artists new and old, which you can see here. He even turned it into one giant A3 poster, and said there’s a possibility the same thing would happen with the Grimemon project.

If you really can’t wait to see what Lethal Bizzle, Lady Leshurr and Akala look like in Pokemon form, head over to Ben’s Instagram where you can catch a glimpse of those and the rest of Ben’s impressive art.

And for more grime-inspired art check out Reuben Dangoor’s Legends of the Scene and Doodle Deano’s Grime Fighter collection.