It turns out Americans are actually loving Giggs after listening to More Life

When Drake’s More Life playlist was released and featured a number of UK artists, it’s fair to say there were differing reactions on either side of the pond.

In the UK seeing the likes of Giggs, Skepta, Jorja Smith, Dave (talking at the end of Teenage fever) and Sampha on a Drake project, along with producer Nana Rogues, was a cause for much celebration. But the general thoughts coming from American Twitter seemed to be negative ones.

It turns out though that since More Life’s release there has been a 146% increase in US subscribers streaming Giggs’ music, according to Spotify.

Obviously the UK had to defend Giggs at all costs against such slander, leading to some great tweets.

Giggler wasn’t the only one to benefit from his More Life features, though, with Skepta’s streams increasing 21% and Jorja Smith’s up 12%.

And news of Giggs’ rising popularity in the States – a place he’s been unable to perform – has left the UK very happy.

More life for real.