A rabbi, a priest and an atheist smoked weed together and sparked an unlikely friendship
(Watch Cut/YouTube)

What happens when a rabbi, a priest and a gay atheist sit down and smoke weed together? They discuss the creation of the world, weed socks and the influence of marijuana in religion – that’s what.

Cut invited the Rabbi Jim Morel and Priest Chris Schuler to sit down with a atheist Carlos Diller, who spoke about practising Catholicism before his priest denied his conformation aged 14, for having “gay sex acts in school”.

You can watch the clip below.

Although the priest was the only weed-smoking novice, he was game and arrived wearing “weed socks” which he showed off at the end of the video.

Interestingly, 55 minutes in, you can see a friendship begin to blossom, and an hour in the question as to whether marijuana is mentioned in any holy books is asked – to which the rabbi replied: “The anointing oil, as found in the book of Exodus, has some qualities that would elevate the person, and there is a theory that one of those was oil from hemp plant.”

Rabbi smoking weed
(Watch Cut/YouTube)

The video finishes with the priest using the ashes from the weed to anoint the atheist and the three exchanging prayers and blessings.