The full reveal trailer for Destiny 2 has arrived

After a teaser video fanned the flames earlier this week, the first full sequel to blockbuster shooter franchise Destiny has gone live.

The trailer – which gives a lot of early focus on the game’s premise – reveals that humanity and the Guardians have been driven from the Last City after it and the Tower were burned to the ground by Ghaul, a fairly mean-sounding commander of the Red Legion.

Crucially, this plot also provides the answer to one of the game’s most controversial points so far, that loot and character progress won’t transfer over from the first game. The destruction of humanity’s last stronghold wiped out all your guns and gear – something the trailer even shows happening just to drive home the point.

There’s more humour from Cayde-6 too, as he mangles an attempt to rouse troop spirits in a speech.

We also got a release date for the new game – September 8 – and while there was no gameplay shown in the reveal, at least we have a pretty strong idea already of where Destiny 2 is heading.