Lots of very excited people have woken up to their Nintendo Switch delivery

The biggest day of the year – if you’re a Nintendo fan – has arrived as the Nintendo Switch went on sale for the first time.

The hybrid console combines high-end home console gaming with the ability to take it on the move with you via the Switch’s portable screen.

And as fans woke up to the delivery of their new console or went to a store late last night to pick it up, the excitement was pretty palpable, and naturally found its way on to social media.

New #FirstWorldProblems were also being discovered.

This group of early owners were closely followed by those who didn’t yet have plans to buy it, but were quite quickly coming around to the idea.

And then there were those with full-on FOMO, who couldn’t help but feel completely left out.

But remember guys, it could be worse. This could be you.

He doesn’t know what he’s missing.