First look: The new Uncharted is anything but unknown territory

The next instalment in the Uncharted series does live up to its name in one aspect – this is the first game in the series that is not fronted by Nathan Drake.

The action in The Lost Legacy follows Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross, as the two traverse India in search of an ancient artefact.

As you might expect, this setting lends itself to the stunning set pieces that are the calling card of an Uncharted game.

The short demo we saw moved between lush, mountainous Indian jungle to caverns and lost tombs – all very Uncharted.

It took place around two hours into the game and saw Chloe and Nadine being pursued through the mountains by the series’ latest villain – Asav.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
(Playstation/YouTube screenshot)

The gameplay itself is identical, with third person combat mixed in with puzzle solving and environment navigation that includes some great animated and interactive sequences – like, for example, sliding down rock faces before leaping across chasms.

There’s also a feeling of increased co-operation between Chloe and Nadine.

Though Nathan often has help or a companion, Nadine feels less passive than those characters.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
(Playstation/YouTube screenshot)

Following the formula of the rest of the Uncharted series is by no means a bad thing, however there does feel an element of predictability to The Lost Legacy.

Watching the demo unfold, though it was impossible not to love the visuals before us, anyone who has seen and played Uncharted 4 is unlikely to be surprised by what they see.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
(Playstation/YouTube screenshot)

It’s hard to actually get excited by The Lost Legacy without seeing more of the full game, because narrative has also been another strong suit for the series.

The story has the potential to make this the worthy standalone new adventure the series deserves, but that label is not secured just yet.