Eddy Gordo is back and better than ever in Tekken 7

There were always some characters on Tekken that, no matter your skill level, you hated coming up against. Eddy Gordo was one of them.

The Brazilian capoeirista, with his distinctive fighting style, had a knack of being able to strike from any position, making putting up a defence pretty difficult.

Namco and PlayStation have released a trailer showing what Eddy’s up to in the latest instalment of the classic series and it looks like he’ll be just as difficult to compete against this time around.

Of course, gamers also have the option of fighting with Eddy rather than against him, but that task can be just as difficult with his complicated combo moves.

Namco says Eddy’s aim in Tekken 7 is to destroy Kazuya Mishima and avenge his father “as he had sworn to do long ago”, so we might also see the character given a bigger role in the game’s story mode than he’s previously been afforded.

Either way, it’s definitely time to start getting excited for Tekken’s release on June 2.