Brexit is already biting for Football Manager 2017 players and the game only came out today

Few video games have the power to take over the free time of its players like Football Manager.

And even though the latest instalment has only started reaching gamers today, its effect is already taking hold.

For some, no matter the circumstances, their minds were on the simulation game.

The excitement wasn’t helped by early drama being thrown up in some cases either.

Speaking of drama, an added layer of intrigue exists in 2017′s game thanks to the introduction of a range of scenarios that simulate the outcome of Brexit negotiations between Britain and the EU. Players are notified in-game that negotiations have begun, before seeing another update a year later that reveals the outcome of these negotiations.

Varying degrees of Brexit have been programmed into the sim – ranging from a UK EU exit that has no effect on the movement of players, up to a so-called ‘hard Brexit’ with quotas on non-UK players in squads and work permits required for all EU players coming to the UK.

Expect a weekend of frayed nerves and desperate scouting of the lower leagues and youth systems ahead.