5 things we saw on day two at E3

One of the world’s biggest gaming events, E3, is now in full swing, with thousands of fans and gaming industry personnel diving head first into the latest games.

Early favourites are being found and new gaming experiences being discovered among the huge crowds at the Los Angeles Convention Centre.

Here’s everything interesting we spotted on day two.

1. Nintendo is back

It wasn’t too long ago that Nintendo was being written off as a spent force in the gaming world, no longer the innovative market leader it had been.

Fast forward to E3 2017 and the Japanese firm is arguably having the best show of any of the big names, and the proof is in how crowded its booth is.

Fans are queuing in their hundreds to play the new Super Mario Odyssey, and to see the Nintendo Switch in action.

With Rocket League and Fifa both also coming to the platform this year, it’s shaping up to be a very good period for the firm.

2. The difficulty of sequels

The Uncharted booth at E3
(Martyn Landi/PA)

Among some of the biggest games on display at this year’s E3 are a number of sequels and follow-ups from big franchises.

Uncharted, Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed are probably the biggest and most anticipated, but much remains the same with each.

Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed in particular provide incredible visual experiences, but feel very similar to those games that have gone before them.

The question now is whether these titles retain the same level of excitement that new series offer.

Just look at the buzz around Anthem, Days Gone and Skull And Bones. Should these games be given more of the limelight instead?

3. Give Rabbids a chance

When rumours first appeared that a Super Mario and Rabbids (of Rayman fame) collaborated game was in the works, it’s safe to say the industry wasn’t completely on board.

The move was labelled a mad idea that shouldn’t ever have left the meeting table at Ubisoft and Nintendo.

However, the final result, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is nothing short of charming. With its turn-based combat that’s heavy on smart movement, it feels like a cuddly version of XCOM, and that is no bad thing.

4. The rise of fishing

One of the strangest moments of E3 so far was the revelation that there’s a new Final Fantasy XV virtual reality experience on the way – based on fishing.

Monster Of The Deep, though, isn’t the only game to pit man against fish this year – a fishing mini game has been added to Far Cry 5.

Presumably this is because it’s far more sustainable than the traditional Far Cry method of shooting your way through the rivers of the virtual world.

5. The game fatigue is starting

Sure, being in a convention centre playing video games all day is a cool experience in anyone’s book, but E3 can be an assault on the senses that eventually takes its toll on everyone.

The crowds, the noise and heat of several thousand games consoles and PCs running at full tilt is a hefty combination.

In the end, every little comfort can seem like a big deal, even if it’s just a nice soft carpet beneath your feet.

One day to go guys, hang in there.