The Chicken Connoisseur has launched a new YouTube channel for all the trainer fanatics out there

Aside from chicken, we all know what the Chicken Connoisseur’s other love is, and now he’s got a YouTube channel dedicated solely to it.

Crep Connoisseur, just launched, will be the go-to place for all of Elijah’s trainer-related content – and he’s kicked it off with a Crepe City special.

Kicks have always played a big part in the Pengest Munch episodes, with a crep check segment regularly featuring and the New York special even featuring a trip with ASAP Bari to pree his latest collection with Nike.

But of course Elijah stayed true to his roots in the very first episode of the Crep Chronicles and paid a visit to Tennessee Chicken.

Stay tuned to see what else the Connoisseur has up his sleeve.