This club completed their latest transfer in a branch of McDonald’s

Signing a footballer at Premier League level can be pretty glamorous, but go down the football pyramid by a league or five and it’s a totally different story.

Oxford City have already been moving in the transfer market with the signing of Havant and Waterlooville striker Matt Paterson.

They met the player, got the deal signed and took a photo for the fans on social media, who immediately recognised the setting as a branch of McDonald’s, prompting a wave of puns.

The use of a Barclays pen didn’t go unnoticed either.

“I’ve had a few people calling me Ronald McDonald,” said Mark Jones, head coach at the club. “Hopefully people can appreciate the funny side of it.

“He (Paterson) had come to the club to meet us last week where we spoke to him and went through the deal we were able to offer him.

“We managed to agree everything, it was just that Matt lives near Southampton and I was coming from Oxford, so we arranged to meet halfway to get him to sign the contract.”

“We arranged to meet at Tot Hill services,” Jones continued. “There wasn’t much there. We saw the McDonald’s and thought we’ll sit outside, have a quick chat and get the contract signed.

“I think you’ve got to laugh at it. I was a bit concerned at first that Matt might feel it was a little bit of a joke, but I think he sees the funny side of it too.”

“A few of the players and staff are giving me a bit of stick,” said Jones. “But we were very keen to get Matt signed. We’re delighted to get him and hopefully he’ll do well for us.”

Jones added: “We haven’t got a sponsor for our shirt for next season, so maybe McDonald’s might want to sponsor our playing kit!”

Wonderful stuff – the question on everybody’s lips however must be: what did they have?

“I got myself a strawberry milkshake and Matt is in post-season training so he’s looking after his weight and he didn’t have anything,” said Jones. “I thought I’d better get a strawberry milkshake just so McDonald’s don’t get the hump!”