You haven’t seen excitement until you’ve seen Patrice Evra on his birthday

Patrice Evra’s birthday might not normally be big news, but when the anniversary of the left back’s birth falls on a Monday, you’ve got yourself a different kettle of fish.

The Marseille defender, formerly of Manchester United and Juventus, loves Mondays. He can’t get enough of them. So imagine the excitement when his birthday falls on that day.

The good news is, you no longer have to imagine – Patrice has documented the whole thing, and it’s great.

“I feel good, you know why?” Evra asks. “It’s Monday! And you know what? It’s my birthday, can you believe that?!”

We can’t believe it, Patrice.

“I can’t breathe, it’s too much excitement,” continues the left-back. “I need some fresh air.”

It’s at this point, completely unprompted, that the 36-year-old climbs through the sunroof of his car and re-enters the vehicle with his now classic catchphrase: “I love this game!”

A couple of Evra’s former clubs wished him a happy birthday on social media – he’s clearly left an impression.

Next year, Evra’s birthday comes on a Tuesday, but no-one knows what his mood is like on the second day of the working week.