The legendary Risky Roadz once again brings innovation to the Grime scene, with the launch of it’s new series ‘The ROOTZ’. The first instalment in this instrumental video series features a true grime original instrumental produced by Danny Weed & Cage; CREEPER.

Every Grime veteran has spat on this beat at one point in time or another with it being major feature of ‘Shoobs’ back in the day (if you know what a shoobs is you are officially old 😅 ). Now CREEPER has an official music video, we are excited to see what other classic instrumentals may be next.

Founder of Risky Roadz, Rooney Keefe wants the newer generation to remain inspired by Grime’s long history and wants to ensure newer fans enjoy all aspects of the culture old and new. It seems there is no stopping Grime at the moment.