Goldie – Lost Tribes (Art Exhibition) [Event]

Goldie is set to debut a brand new collection of his art in London this coming November…

Put simply, there is no one else quite like Goldie. From the moment he burst onto the graffiti scene back in the mid-1980s – a teenage phenomenon captured in Dick Fontaine’s legendary documentary Bombin’ – Goldie has been driven to create extraordinary art.

Goldie is driven by his passion for creating deep, resonant visual artworks such as last year’s Diamond Jubilee piece Single Petal From A Rose (which won Prince Harry’s approval) or his incredible collaboration with Adidas on Athleticizm (a collection of 14 paintings of Britain’s leading hopes for London 2012).

On his work for The Lost Tribes – 20 stunning originals created on wood in custom made frames with sculpture – Goldie explains; “I’ve always wanted to be really primal. I’ve decided to work with wood and sustained wood to be able to go back to techniques of making frames and cutting them, sanding them and staining them myself.”

“I’ve also gathered loads of models from near and far that remind me of African, South American and Native American culture and how much that reflects on societies and where our ideas of art come from. That has been very important to me.”

The Lost Tribes opens to the public on Thursday, 14 November 2013 at Mead Carney in Mayfair.