SB.TV Ones To Watch: Raven Sorvino

“I take the laid back, 40oz O.E Playa Westside approach and mix it with Houston Trill and out comes Raven Sorvino.” the self proclaimed ‘Leimert Park Playa’ explains when asked about her sound…

Having been involved with music since she was a child growing up in Houston, inspired to imitate the songs from her father’s record collection, Raven first found her passion for rapping when she entered a talent show at High School. After the passing of her father, she relocated to Leimert Park, Los Angeles with her mother and it’s these two areas that have informed her style; a fusion of the two strong regional sounds.

Hooking up with L.A. collective, Language Artz, via her and member Picaso’s mutual love of Ralph Lauren, she became the first lady of the well respected crew and released her first full length project, The Inspired EP, in 2011. The EP saw her rapping over production formed around Aaliyah samples and garnered an impressive response from the blog world. It was then that Raven began to consider making her hobby a serious career, telling us, “It lit the fire under me to start creating music on a professional level and challenge myself as a writer.”

Following up with two projects in 2012, a retail album Paper Girl and a second mixtape Playa Del Rey, Raven further consolidated her ‘Playa Music’ sound. “The reason why I make Playa Music is because of my father.” She explains, “He had the new Cadillac, jewellery, bought me my first Ralph Lauren pieces at a young age. He was respected by a lot of people in the South and when he passed they named a street after him. James L Pink.”

In preparation for the release of a new project, entitled Queen Of Hearts, in the Summer, Sorvino released a new single “Ike turnUP” earlier this year which turned out to be arguably her most successful. When listening to the Woody produced track Raven joked, “This should be called IKE turnUP. Like Ike Turner. He was always choking the shit out of somebody.” And they ran with it, adding an impressive West Coast line-up of Pac Div, Bad Lucc, Problem and Morgan Smith to the braggadocios ignorance of the 808-driven anthem.

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Queen Of Hearts is a huge step in my career.” Raven informs us of the upcoming release. “I’ve found my sound on this one with production and writing. Its left field from the soundscapes people have heard me on. The fun part is all the records I’ve released aren’t even on the project. So people really don’t have a clue what the project is going to sound like.”

Words by @GrantBrydon
Edited by Natalia