Tips & Tricks – Layering

We are now deep into the colder seasons, so now seems the perfect time to offer some tips and tricks on a vital technique to looking good and staying warm at this time of year. Layering is a very basic and easy way that you can add texture, colour and detail to an everyday outfit, there are no restrictions to what outerwear you can use.

A simple way to start layering is to begin with simple items of clothing that all wardrobes will contain. Think Tees, Zip through hoodies, shirts and jackets.

A quick tip to begin layering is to match your top half of clothing with your shoes, this is a great way to ensure that your colour palette is balanced. The four photographs below clearly demonstrate the wide array of clothing that can be used when layering, some of them choosing to use standard techniques such as layering shirts on tees and jackets on hoodies, and some being more experimental by using camouflage shirts over basic hoodies and using blazers to bring an edge of sophistication to an otherwise very casual look.

Effective layering doesn’t necessarily have to relate to a high number of items you are wearing, you could have only a couple of layers but if each layer is coloured or patterned it can have just as big an impact.

When layering be careful not to use too many patterns/prints as this can cause wild clashes, however this can be intentional and create some eye-catching looks on the streets, just ensure you are confident in your outfit.

Proportion is often under-looked in street fashion but from recent pieces by Robert Geller, Rick Owens and Hood By Air that have been rocked by one of the stylish men on the scene right now, A$AP Rocky, expect pieces that play with proportion grow in number and popularity in the near future.

If you are feeling confident in pushing the style boundaries don’t be afraid to layer trousers, jeans, sweatpants and shorts too. This is a trend currently growing due to the likes of Kanye West, Big Sean, Theophilus London and many other stars in the states, sure to be a trend that will take off in the coming months throughout 2013.

Remember there are no rules to fashion and style, experiment with what you like, and most importantly feel good wearing it.

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