SB.TV Exclusive Download: Jae Mann – Ava Word

SBTV get the exclusive on Jae Mann‘s debut mixtape, Ava Word

Download: Jae Mann – Ava Word

Formerly a member of Crisis Crew and being influenced both by the UK Grime scene and soulful hip hop sound of Pete Rock and J. Dilla, Jae Mann brings his ferocious delivery and clever wordplay to the table with his debut mixtape, Ava Word. This one’s not for the faint hearted…


1. Under The Weather

2. Mic Man

3. Come Again

4. My Own World

5. What They Want

6. Pharoah

7. Ruthless

8. Figure It Out

9. Tragic

10. Nah Nah No…

11. A Few More Screws Lose

12. Reunion

Executive Producer: Chemo @ Kilamanjaro Studios, London.