SB.TV Ones To Watch: TR Fernandez

He’s a self-proclaimed qualified life liver and he’s got the credentials to boot. London rapper TR Fernandez brings a smooth finesse to his rhymes and an added factor with his ability to lace his tracks with mellifluous crooning…

Leading the project with a track entitled Solo Dream, you immediately get to experience the talents of the artist who is about more than just “three minutes of sound while I rap to you.”

“From one spectrum to the other, you’ve got some real introspective parts of life, where you’re on your own wave, you’re in your own zone and you’ve got some parts where you’re on a complete high, you know, in the party with a hundred people so I don’t think it would be an official representation of life if it didn’t represent both ends of that spectrum. Solo Dream is definitely part of that.”

It’s refreshing to come across a UK rapper who takes a keen interest in more than just delivering punchlines and trippy rhyme schematics. “I pay attention to chord changes and I’ll pay attention to how percussion breaks down and builds back up because it’s a craft at the end of the day and you need to utilise those elements in order to bring your message across as best as you can,” he says.

With dream collaborations which include the likes of Lauryn Hill, Styles P, Jamoriquai and even the legendary departed Rick James, the humourous artist exhibits a palate of musical influences translated organically in his own music.  He goes as far as likening his effortless adeptness to interchanging between his singing skills as well as his rapping to the mastery of breathing, so innate to him as an artist.

Another cut off Qualified Life Living is the highly wavey Mystic which features Darq E Freaker, Chenessey and Shadez The Misfit, just a few from the small number on the scene that TR believes, and rightly so, can ‘definitely push this thing further’.

With a holistic creative process, TR Fernandez has managed to put together 10 tracks that are pretty impressive for a debut mixtape. With a background in Media Production, the Woolwich based musician is highly involved in his artistry, one which sees hedonism frequently the subject of his tracks. “I don’t think I have a generic kind of baseline message. I think as people we’re more than three dimensional… right now my message is, just f**king live life. Life is too short.”

Stream and download Qualified Life Living here.


Words by Laura Arowolo