Jessie J to duet with Trey Songz?

Jessie J and the legendary smooth talker Trey Songz might be doing a collaboration sometime soon…

The Price Tag singer has revealed that she “definitely” wants to record a collaboration with Trey Songz.

Previously Trey has admitted that he would love to work with the quirky British singer (well who doesn’t?) and praised her  “phenomenal voice”. Jessie J told Capital FM:

“Trey’s cool man, we talk, he’s a really cool guy.

I definitely 100% want to work with him. Whether he’ll be on this album or not is often not up to us because it’s about timing and stuff.

But I’m actually going to LA soon for quite a long time, so I’m hoping that he can be there at some point in the studio while I’m there and we can sing together.”

The star is expected to release the follow-up to her 2011 debut Who You Are next year.

Text by: Phoebe Parke