Dizzee Rascal to become the voice of of the Coco Pops Monkey?

Rapper Dizzee Rascal announced on Twitter that he was asked to do the voice over for the infamous Coco Pops monkey…

Leaving little to the imagination, Dizzee posted the above photo to social networks Instagram and Twitter, of himself mimicking the popular Kelloggs character Coco sipping the cereal, claiming that he had actually always wanted to be the Milky Bar Kid:

“REAL TALK! I’ve just been asked to do the voice over for the coco pops monkey! I always wanted to be the Milky Bar Kid… Oh well!”

The Bonkers star is currently working on a follow-up album from 2009’s best-selling Tongue N’ Cheek, due for release later this year. The album, currently untitled, will feature collaborations with Calvin Harris and Erick Morillo.

Along with this, Dizzee took to Twitter to confirm his forthcoming live performance at Future Music Festival in Australia, in March 2013.

Text by Lauren Benezra