Bluey Robinson – The Late Shift [Free Mixtape]

Bluey Robinson has officially released his mixtape, The Late Shift, for everyone to hear…

Featuring a collection of all original tracks, Bluey took to his Facebook page to speak to his fans on the new release, and the freedom he feels now that he is without any ties to a label.

“I’ve had a lot of ups and downs doing this in the last few years. And now that I’m free from ties to any label, I feel I’m truly able to release whatever I want.” He said.  “I know some of you have been waiting for something like this from me for a while. And I apologise for the hold up. But some things just have been and just are out of my control. However I do appreciate all the support and faith you guys have held for me through out my journey. You should know, it means everything.

To download the free mixtape, click here.

Posted by Tiffany Calver