Why do we care about Kanye’s sex tape?

In the wake of the most recently aired bit of dirty laundry to have hit the internet – in the form of  Kanye West’s reported sex tapes with a Kim K lookalike, the internet sex tape phenomenon has reared its head once again, bringing with it the question of why, and how, and who the hell cares?


Having originally brought with it a massive stigma, the inhabitants of today’s world seem a lot less shocked by the emergence of such videos, with only a morbid curiosity rather than anything even almost verging on disgust.

Whereas once upon a time even nude photos could derail careers, today even sex-tapes are often non-events, and can even help boost a celebrity’s profile. Case in point Kanye’s current beau, Kim Kardashian. In fact, there hasn’t even been one celebrity sex tape that has significantly had a negative impact.

Perhaps we have become desensitised to it, what with the forever loosening of morals and the forever decreasing amount of clothes worn in music videos, tv shows and movies. Is the shock factor supposed to come from the fact that it’s real life as opposed to acting?

And yet Kanye West and his legal team are thoroughly unamused with the recent revelatation of said sex tape, and are doing all they can to stop it becoming public viewing.

But is it any of our business? And following the future Queen of England’s topless debacle, shouldn’t the privacy of these indviduals be reassessed?

Yes, celebrities are role models and as such should act accordingly – but does anyone really believe that? Does being particularly talented at singing, or rapping, or acting, or anything that will put you in the limelight mean that by definition you are a perfect human being and can do no wrong? Of course not.

In reality, the fact that we find what sexual acts celebrities commit with their partners behind closed doors fascinating, says more about us as a society, than what it does about them. After all, how many of these types of videos exist, but don’t go viral because you are not a household name, and as such, nobody cares. Why do we care?!

As Bob Marley said: “Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be- but before you start pointing fingers… make sure you hands are clean!”

Are yours clean?


Words by Alya Mooro (@moorizZLA)

Edited by Natalia