Tulisa reveals Kelly Rowland beef…

Tulisa reveals secret Kelly feud went on long after the X Factor in new tell-all book…

Tulisa has just launched her new book, called Honest, and that’s definitely what it is as among other secrets and tales, it reveals that Tulisa and Kelly’s feud that started on the X Factor damaged their friendship forever.

The Young singer fought with Kelly Rowland on the X Factor as she accused Kelly’s act Misha B of bullying, and it seems that Kelly never let that go. Tulisa admits in the book that the ex-Destiny’s Child singer was “furious” after the Misha B row and kept giving her dirty looks on set. Tulisa explains how Kelly snubbed her while they were both out in LA:

 “A few months after the series finished, I was in a nightclub in Los Angeles when I spotted Kelly talking with a friend, so I went over to say hello.

The X Factor was all done and dusted for the year: surely she wouldn’t still be miffed about the whole Misha incident?

‘Hey, you all right, Kelly?’ I smiled. ‘How you doing?’

‘Oh, hey, boo-boo, how are you?’ she said, and then held up a perfectly manicured finger. ‘Just give me one second’.

Then she turned away and continued chatting with her friend but she never turned back or even acknowledged me once for the entire rest of the evening.

That was the last I saw of Kelly Rowland.”

Burn. Do you think Kelly was right to give Tulisa the cold shoulder?

Text by Phoebe Parke