The Manor Live @ The Beckenham [Review]

A stone’s throw away from The Manor Way, Beckenham boys; Danny Graft, Johnny Dutch and Scotty Stacks showed their hometown how to host a mixtape launch party, The Manor way…


The room was rammed with punters but there was never any suggestion that the artists were in any way separate or superior from their supporters. It’s strange to even describe them as supporters as it appeared to me to be much more than that, it was like watching a huge family celebrate a birthday or a world cup winning team parading through its home town. This was a group of musicians performing well in their comfort zone.

The cockney crew cruised through their catalogue, raising the decibels, excitement and sweat in the venue with every passing minute. Dropping big crowd favourites like Shut It Down and Leave It Alone culminated in absolute mayhem with people jumping on VIP sofas and chairs. They collect catchy choruses and verses together, blended with an array of impeccable production to make actual songs, not freestyles, not remixes – original songs. It’s much more than a local band doing a local gig, what makes The Manor unique is their individual stories, their banter on and off the mic, and the fact that the majority of Britain’s urban and suburban population can relate to their content.

You can download Free Mixtapes Don’t Pay The Rent here:

Words by @RikyBains1