SB.TV Ones To Watch: Jess Mills

The way Jess Mills talks about first hearing albums like Radiohead’s Ok Computer or Portishead’s Dummy you can feel the passion oozing out of her, a passion that translates into her own music and suggests that when many hear her debut album Twist Of Fate early next year, she can inspire that feeling in a new generation of listeners…

Having spent her teenage years out partying to garage with best friend Niomi McLean-Daley (better known as Ms. Dynamite) the North Londoner would balance this with school days spent listening to The Smiths, Fleetwood Mac and Motown; which perfectly sums up how her own musical output sounds, in her own words “Heavyweight song-writing meets electronic music.” She also makes a point of mentioning more than once that Twist Of Fate covers a wide spectrum of electronic music, ranging from big dance tracks to more immersive minimal compositions; emitting the power in the simplicity of the vocalists she enjoys so much over spicing up poor lyrical content with too many vocal acrobatics and club bangers.

Jess has been signed to Island Records for the past two years, after an A&R saw footage of her on the BBC performing vocals for the band Leftfield who were headlining at RockNess festival at Loch Ness, Scotland, and since signing has spent a lot of time touring as well as releasing a number of well received singles and EP’s before taking the past nine months to focus on recording material for her LP.

This coming Sunday sees the release of the latest single from the album, entitled For My Sins which was co-written alongside collaborator Tim Powell and produced by The Flight (Lana Del Rey, Keane, Bjork), who she says have produced around 80% of the album. She describes listening back to the single as a shocking experience, explaining “When I hear it I think ‘Jesus Christ, have I said that on record,’ its so raw and personal. It’s an honest offering of where my head was at, and it’s raw and personal.”


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Words by Grant Brydon

Edited by Natalia