Paloma Faith lends a hand to young Battlefront campaigner

Channel 4’s Battlefront campaign series is back – one of the campaigners, Ava Patel, has enlisted the help of Paloma Faith to help her spread the message about youth unemployment to the Government…

The Campaign to Combat Youth Unemployment is well underway and Ava is aiming to take the campaign to top politicians as she sets out to get young people’s voices heard on the issue:  “All we ever hear is the views from employers and politicians that young people are lazy, we’re job snobs and we don’t have the skills needed for workplace.  I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs and the amount of rejections I received made me feel completely demoralised.  No-one would tell me why I wasn’t right for the job, I felt like every door was slammed in my face.”

Ava, a graduate from Blackburn, who’s experienced the harsh realities of unemployment first-hand, is trying to generate as much press and publicity for her campaign as possible.  As part of her campaign, Ava is going to form a choir, but not just any choir – a choir of unemployed 18-24 year olds who will perform in public to get the message out there.  To help her perfect her vocals she will be working with chart topper Paloma Faith.   Ava and her singing campaigners are aiming to gather as many column inches and as much radio and television exposure as they can, in order for the powers-that-be to get wind of their crusade.

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