Example Enrolls In Singing Lessons

Despite having released three albums and selling out arena tours, Example has only just gone and started singing lessons…

Known formally as Elliot Gleave, rapper Example decided to see a professional to coach his voice. He said “I’ve released three albums and about 15 [UK] Top 40 singles, so my manager went, ‘Do you think we maybe should have a singing lesson now?’

” Adding that his vocal coach told him “You’ve got a really unique voice. I don’t want you to lose the sound you’ve got.” The purpose of the vocal coaching is to teach Example how to warm up properly, so that he doesn’t lose his voice.

The Say Nothing singer has also been found blasting stars who charge fans to meet them, saying the practice is “a disgrace.” He told the Daily Star newspaper “It’s taking people’s money for the sake of it.. Why should someone pay £200 to shake your hand and take a photo.” Proving that he likes to keep it real, he added “If I see people on the street, I’ll have a photo with them. If they wait outside a gig, I’ll meet them.”

Example’s fourth album The Evolution Of Man is out November 18th.


Text by Lauren Benezra