Want find out more about the fastest man on the planet? ‘Usain Bolt: The Movie’ is out now…

Fresh from delivering another awe-inspiring performance at the Olympics, Usain Bolt has released this intriguing new documentary…

Over four billion people tuned in to watch Usain Bolt retain his 100m Olympic title last week, sealing his position as the fastest man on earth and entering him in to the history books.

Shot by French director and producer Gael Leiblang, this brand new film allows you to gain unprecedented access to the life, mind and experiences of Usain at one of the most influential points in his career.

Shot in the twelve months leading up to the London 2012 Olympic Games, the documentary takes an in-depth look in to the life of Usain, his childhood and, of course, the gruelling practice sessions which have sculpted him in to the fastest human being alive.

This one’s certain to wet your appetite for all of the forthcoming Olympic festivities…

USAIN BOLT: THE MOVIE is out now on DVD – purchase from here.

RRP for £12.99

DVD cat no: REVD3028

Barcode: 50 6001849 375 6


Posted by Ash Houghton