Rita Ora Wants to Start Fashion Line

Rita Ora has announced that she would love to start her own clothing line after revealing she was always into fashion…


The R.I.P singer admitted she would definitely love to design clothes one day.

Apparently making clothes used to be much more her thing before she was snatched up by Roc Nation, she explained how her and her best friend used to make clothes together:

“I have a best friend, he does my clothes with me. When I was Rita the-singer-that-wanted-to-be-a-singer, I would always make clothes and we’d cut clothes up and do research and go to fashion shows.”

But it looks like we’ll have to wait until we see her designs in any stores, as Rita isn’t ready to turn designer yet, she said:

“After about six to eight albums I think I’d release a fashion line, but 100 per cent there is going to be a fashion line.”