Rita Ora to Perform in Kosovo

Rita Ora is planning to perform in her homeland Kosovo after receiving an invite by the president Atifete Jahjaga


The R.I.P singer revealed that she was asked by Jahjaga to go back to Kosovo to celebrate their 100 years of independence and would love to perform there.

“I have been invited by the president of Kosovo to go back on November 28 to celebrate the 100 years independence so I may do a few acoustic songs for them as a surprise.”

Rita and her family left Kosovo when the singer was just one years old due to the Balkan conflict and spoke about her favourite thing about the country. Saying:

”I used to go back there all the time in the summertime, but I’ve not been back for three years now. My favourite thing about it is the people, they love life and enjoy themselves a lot, and are really supportive of me, which I appreciate.”