Rita Ora Not Concerned About Making Money

Rita Ora has admitted that she isn’t bothered about making money in her career and is, instead, more concerned with scoring Number 1 records…

When talking about the subject of fame, the Roc Nation singer revealed that she leaves the finances to her management, while she focuses on having a good time.

She said: “I’m not bothered about that now, I leave it to my management to deal with. I’m just trying to keep getting the number ones and enjoy myself at the same time.”

Although she might not be too interested in the money that comes with her success, she still has a thing or two she would like to buy and first on her list is a house in London.

“The first thing I’d want to buy would be to buy my own house, I’d love to keep living in London, I used to live in Portobello with my parents, so maybe Notting Hill Gate, to go up the hill a bit. I’d love to live on my own.”

“I have a flat in London that I live at when I’m there, but I’m travelling around all the time. I love Los Angeles and New York, but I wouldn’t want to move there now, maybe in a few years, but right now I love London, I’m very happy here. I also loved Toronto and Miami.”

It looks like Rita is on track to affording that house with all the hit records she’s scoring.