Rita Ora: Jay-Z told me I wasn’t good enough

Although she might be one of the hottest artists in the UK right now, Rita Ora has revealed that fame didn’t come as quickly as she thought it would…

The Hot Right Now star told Complex magazine:

“When I first signed I was this random girl from London. I thought my whole world was going to turn around. I thought I was going to be on Oprah next week with a new single.”

Hip-hop superstar Jay-Z spotted the Kosovan singer back in 2009, who then signed her to his label Roc Nation. However, Rita admits that she still had a long way to go before convincing him that she was ready for a career in the music industry.

She continued:

“Three years later and I’m only just starting to come out. I wanted to release every single thing I had ever recorded, but I was lucky enough to have someone like Jay saying: ‘This is not good enough. You have to find yourself.’ That’s the best advice he could have given me.”

And it definitely looks like Jay’s advice worked. This year alone, Rita has gone on to score two number one hits and is already making a name for herself in America.

Plus, being compared to Rihanna has got to be a huge compliment too, right?