Rihanna Inspired by London Fashion

First she’s designing clothes for River Island and now she’s revealing that her fashion sense is inspired by London kids, it seems as if Rihanna can’t get enough of UK fashion…

The Birthday Cake singer told The Sun:

“London has always been one of my favourite cities to come to. I always go out on the street walking around to see what the kids are doing. They always set the trends for the designers”

“I find that the kids in London have so much style, so much street style and so much talent. This show was a way for me to give these kids the opportunity to see how far they can go.

Rihanna also said that she is hoping to find the next big thing in fashion adding:

“We’re hoping to find the next superstar designer to dress superstars. What I’m really looking to find is the next innovative young designer, someone like Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen.
Well if Rihanna wants to wave the fashion flag for the UK, then we’re not exactly complaining…