Find out why we think Angel Haze is going to blow up…

The success of female hip hop artists over the past couple of years with Nicki Minaj and more recently Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea sees labels on the hunt for strong female rap talent. Whilst not the most obvious choice for those looking for an artist with hip hop credibility ready for conversion into a pop sensation, it’s great to hear that Island Records and Universal Republic have opted to sign a deal with the honest, heartfelt and incredibly skilled Angel Haze

The 21-year-old of Native American heritage has had anything but a ‘traditional’ come up, having left school early after suffering years of bullying, Angel found herself spending hours of free time in front of her computer in her Washington, DC living room, where she put her time into becoming an online phenomenon; Tweeting, posting her photos on modelling sites and most importantly writing and recording half rapped, half spoken poetry which she would perform over instrumentals of popular hip hop and pop songs and post to Youtube.

Operating under multiple aliases, Haze’s videos generally rack up at least 60,000 views each, and when she hits the 1,000,000 views mark on each channel she then shuts it down and opens a new one. It’s eccentricities like this that started to attract press and she soon found herself covered in major publications across the US.

Angel Haze – New York [Music Video] (Directed by Adrienne Nicole)

With more and more people checking out her videos she made the move to mixtapes earlier this year when she released her The Voice EP seeing her rapping over beats originally used by the likes of Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Watch The Throne and more, converting them into her own very introspective and soul baring outings. After another mixtape in this fashion, King, she recently released her first all original project Reservation which received outstanding critical acclaim and features the debut single New York which brought the labels knocking on her door.

With the perfect balance of character, talent, social media prowess and most of all the honesty and sincerity that can be felt throughout her recordings; the major label backing behind her means we should be seeing a lot more from Angel Haze very soon.
Words by Grant Brydon