Example Reveals Name of New ‘Rock’ Album

Example‘s been having a lot of fun lately, travelling the world and painting himself silver (as you do), and the 30-year-old star has just revealed that his next album will come out in November and have more of a rock feel to it…

Example told BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat:

“I’ve got a little bit more to do now and it should be done in the next few weeks and released in November.
This album’s been made everywhere. It’s been made on planes and trains. I was in Australia last October doing Park Life tour and I was on a plane with Benga.”

Example also revealed the name of the new album, which will be called The Evolution of Man, in an interview with Zane Lowe, adding:

“It’s about me evolving personally and the stuff I’ve gone through in the past year; growing up, settling down and me stop behaving like a buffoon all the time”

Well it will definitely be interesting to see a more mature side to Example. The Stay Awake star is also expected to announce a 16-date UK arena tour in the next few weeks, so stay locked for more news on that.