Example Reveals Deep Meaning Behind the Name of his New Album

Example has revealed that the meaning behind the title of his new album, The Evolution of Man, stems from his past troubles in the music industry…

The Stay Awake star said seeking therapy helped improve his life and spoke about how being successful in the music industry got to his head. “I won’t go into details, but you know what happens to people in the music industry. I was a b**tard. It all went to my head.”

He continued to say that therapy helped him because he was receiving honest advice and the decision to seek help changed him:

“The therapy thing was so good because I could speak to someone who wasn’t going to lick my arse because I was famous.” and went on to say, “But I came out of therapy thinking, ‘Elliot, you were an absolute s**t and now I feel like the old Elliot again’. That’s why I have called the new album The Evolution Of Man. It sounds really wanky but that’s how it is.”

Example will begin a UK headline tour in 2013 – check out the dates/venues and grab tickets here.