Ed Sheeran Admits that debut album was made Last Minute

Despite that fact + reached the number one spot in the charts and went four times platinum in the UK , Ed Sheeran has admitted that his debut album started off as more of a demo than a serious project…

The Lego House star, who performed at the Olympic Closing Ceremony on Sunday night, explained:

“It’s awesome to be able to have an album that ended up in the top five and ended up being a minor hit so far. The album is pretty much a demo album that was made for next to no budget and put together quite last minute.”

“But I love it. At the time, it was the best piece of work I could put out. The singles that are coming off the album very much represent me as a musician and an artist.”

And the success that Ed has gained from + has proven that he can continue making the music that he loves and feel confident that his fans will love it too:

“I think I’m gonna keep building on what I’ve done. Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken. I loved the music that I tour and play and write. I think it would be foolish to create something that I wasn’t totally happy with.”

Well if that debut album was his idea of a demo, we canít wait to hear what he comes up with next…