Delilah: Music Was My Family’s Religion

Delilah has spoken about the importance of music in her and her family’s life, calling it their religion…

The 21-year-old star, whose mother was involved in the MOBO awards and whose father was a DJ and record label owner, said her childhood was heavily influenced by music.

“Music was my family’s religion. Sunday meant record shops, not church. They were intellectual musical appreciators. None of them could play an instrument, but they’d sit in the living room until 4am debating songs – then go out and DJ.”

Delilah also revealed that her mother didn’t support her decision to get signed originally, adding:

“When I told my mum I was going to sign a major label deal, she was like… really? She said, do it independently, do it yourself. My mum has always supported me, but she and my dad come from the underground music scene. In the 1990s, live music and major labels weren’t exactly as one.”