Dazed x Casio G Shock 30th Awards

To celebrate turing the big three ohh this year, Casio G-Shock have teamed up with Dazed & Confused magazine to showcase the best emerging talent in music, fashion, art and sport


The likes of Mary Anne Hobbs and Kyle Walker will be joining the four judging panels made up of industry experts, who will select a winner in each of the categories from shortlists nominated by Dazed & Confused. The Winners will be announced at a celebrity filled ceremony in October, where they will each receive £3,000 worth of funding from Casio G-Shock to help them continue their future vision, not bad eh?!

Not only that, but G Shock and Dazed will present a special £5,000 Spirit of Toughness award, to an extraordinary young and emerging talent making a mark despite facing significant obstacles.

Here at SB.TV we’ve nominated Dirujan Sabesan, at just 19 years old, not only is he our own Media Manager, but he has also set up his own company CreativeNerds UK, a creative powerhouse focused on web design and digital marketing, which boast clients such as Trevor Nelson, MistaJam and Tinchy Stryder. With no formal training or degree under his belt, it’s this kind of self determination and ambition that we admire, and why we’ve nominated Dirujan for the award.

After finding out he was nominated, we had a quick chat with Dirujan (or Diri as we call him) to find out what this prize would mean to him:

How did you get to where you are today?

I started using Photoshop pretty young, in year 10, with three others – I helped to put together a musical showcase at my boroughs yearly festival – It was called Gig in the Park and it carried the tag line of ‘Love Music, Hate Violence’. That was my first real experience in creating a proper website, flyers & other promotional material.

I then went on to designing myspace layouts for local artists in my area, and after bugging Tinchy Stryder & his management over the social network – I was given the chance to create his MySpace skins for the next 4 releases. That’s where it all started & it’s been moving so fast ever since.

What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve faced?

Being rejected from 4 out of 5 universities that I applied for, having a business that I’d built up for four years and the option to carry on with it was my biggest obstacle. I was literally lost and didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted to do – I knew that university would drain my time and CreativeNerds would never get my full attention – I had to make a choice.

How do you stay motivated?

It’s not always easy to stay motivated, sometimes work can takeover and everything gets real stressful. Motivation comes from feeding of the passion that other like-minded young people my age have. I work closely with the Spirit of London awards, and having so many young people with a drive for business, social enterprise & community support around me gives a lot of inspiration to me.

Being in the office with our SB.TV team gives me motivation, attending talks about creative entrepreneurship have always made me feel buzzed at the end as I hear stories of how someone went from getting £2K investment into a million pound company.

Keeping up to date and delivering work that is fresh and unique is a key to moving forward – so I always know that I’ve got to be on the ball if I want to get ahead.

What has been the toughest decision you’ve ever made?

The toughest decision was university – it’s played a big role in the past year for me and was a turning point. I was in two minds at first but i think that as a creative individual, sitting in a class trying to be taught by someone else ‘how to be creative’ is pointless.

My friend Niran told me ‘The concept of teaching someone to be creative is flawed’, I agree. I didn’t want to sit in a class 4 days a week and learn of some powerpoint presentations and some practicals – I’d rather develop from my mistakes, gain valuable lessons from the people I work with and have first hand experiences in the creative industry.

How would the cash prize help further your vision and career?

It would provide me with a catalyst to push the ideas I’ve had in my mind further. Over the past year or so I’ve met some amazing young people, and the passion they all show for their own ideas has motivated me into planning some of my own small start-ups and social enterprises. It would mean I can take all the experience I’ve gained over the past four years and put them into something that can be built up by making use of other like minded young people. There are so many young people out there with so much passion and motivation for business, but they lack the opportunities to show their talents.


So like us, if you know someone who has impressed you with their perseverance and determination then let us know HERE – Dazed will shortlist the best and the voting public will pick the recipient of the £5,000 cash prize.

For more info on the awards and the all the categories click here: http://www.dazeddigital.com/projects/g-shockawards/


Post by Natalia