Beyoncé joins UN’s global humanitarian campaign

Ahead of World Humanitarian Day, it’s been announced that Beyoncé will be teaming up with the UN and world aid organisations in a global campaign to encourage people to get involved…

The global superstar and Grammy-Award winning songwriter Diane Warren have agreed to donate a video of their inspirational song, I Was Here, to help spread message of the campaign.

The music video is set to be filmed in the UN General Assembly Hall in New York in front a live audience, and then subsequently released on World Humanitarian Day on August 19th.

In a statement released via the singer’s official website, Beyoncé expressed:

“We all see the headlines and we think what can I really do to help?”, and continued. “World Humanitarian Day is an opportunity for all of us to work together to make a difference. This is our time to leave our mark on the world and show that we were here and we care.”

To find out more info on the campaign and how you can get involved head over to


Posted by Ash Houghton