Angel Writing Songs for Rihanna & Tulisa

Angel has revealed that while he’s been busy working on his debut album, he’s also been writing songs for chart topping females, Rihanna and Tulisa

The hit singer-songwriter, who has previously worked with artists such as JLS and Cheryl Cole, explained that he always has more than one project on the go:

“I’m never just concentrating on one project. I love writing songs and it’s good to pitch tracks to other artists. A couple of weeks ago I was doing some writing for Rihanna and Tulisa.”

But just because he’s writing for these megastars, don’t expect to hear any of them on his upcoming LP, as he wants his fans to focus on his own talents and not his features:

“I don’t want to make this album feature heavy, especially as I’ve done quite a few collaborations already.

“I want the record to be more about me. That’s not to say I won’t be up for new collaborations in the future.”

With Labrinth already admitting that heís working on a couple of tracks for Rihanna’s latest album and now Angel is writing for her too, Ri-Ri is definitely showing our UK artists some love.

We’re looking forward to hearing what Angel comes up with…