50 reasons to support #VirginTrains

As you may be aware, the Government have made the decision to award the West Coast Main Line Franchise to FirstGroup, an extremely disappointing verdict for Virgin, a company which has worked so hard to transform the railway over the last 15 years. However, an independent e-petition has been set up to urge the government to reconsider…

Virgin Trains have worked tirelessly over a number of years to increase customer satisfaction and efficiency of their services. Despite this, the government have seemingly made the decision to award the franchise to First Group, an organisation which has consistently been rated amongst the worst for Customer Service.

To help persuade the public in to supporting them, Virgin have came up with 50 reasons why they think you should get behind them and sign the e-petition.

50 reasons to support Virgin Trains:

1. We have transformed the West Coast Mainline, from a struggling relic to the most frequent long-distance service in Europe. (London – Manchester and London – Birmingham, both every 20 minutes).

2. We’re not just a Train company, we’re a customer service company that runs trains.

3. We care about our staff and our customers.

4. We have the fastest trains and we’re getting quicker. We’ve slashed journey times – Manchester is now two hours eight minutes from London, down from two hours 30 minutes.

5. We believe that an investment in your staff is an investment in the future.

6. Best for value for money.

7. Best rated staff.

8. Best for customer satisfaction.

9. We’d invest more in the new franchise than anyone else.

10. We have stuck with the franchise through thick and thin, never walking away.

11. We listen to customers and always try to improve.

12. Every long distance operator tries to copy us.

13. We were the first to give its customers internet booking.

14. We were the first to give its customers single journeys ticketing.

15. We give customers higher compensation when things do go wrong.

16. Our staff are passionate about great customer service.

17. We’ve invested more in new trains than any other operator.

18. The Virgin brand is a byword for quality across the globe.

19. We have staff who love their jobs and it shows in everything they do.

20. We think outside the box and dare to go where others fear to tread.

21. We love taking you around the country and want to keep doing it!

22. 15 years ago people called it Mission Impossible, we read it as I’m possible.

23. You are as much a part of Virgin Trains as we are.

24. We were the first train company to win an Investors in People award.

25. Because you have a voice and can make a difference.

26. We’re always looking to connect with our customers in any way possible, look at our ever increasing social media presence.

27. It’ll take less than two minutes to make a difference for 15 years.

28. We don’t just run trains, we also made over £500,000 for charity last year.

29. We’re the only train company that offers deals for customers with railcards during peak time travel.

30. 60,000 people want to work for us, from over 30 different countries, and we’re always looking for the best people to do so.

31. Our state-of-the art electric Pendolino trains are environmentally friendly emitting at least 76% less CO2 than cars and 78% less than domestic flights.

32. We’ve recently added capacity on our services to increase standard seating by 50%.

33. If you like what we did in the last 15 years you should see what we’ve got planned for the next 15.

34. Virgin Trains has recently been named best train operator by Which? Magazine, and is top of the long-distance train franchises by the independent National Passenger Survey.

35. For the second time in three years, Virgin Trains received the coveted Favourite Rail Operator award at the prestigious Globe Travel awards, which recognises excellence among international hotel groups, travel operators and package holiday companies. The award was decided by customers rather than a panel of judges.

36. We don’t follow the pack, we lead it.

37. We offered free travel to military personnel on all our services, in recognition of their contribution to ensuring security.

38. The public trusts us for a reason, because we have earned that trust by time and time again delivering the Virgin difference.

39. Scotland would have a far greater choice of services under our next franchise, creating a hub at Motherwell.

40. We’ve proved time and again we can deliver what we promise.

41. Virgin Trains has been awarded two Kitemarks by the British Standards Institute (BSI). A first-ever for a UK train company, for its tangible efforts to reduce energy consumption on trains and at stations.

42. We will always fight for what is best for the customer.

43. If we get 100,000 signatures the government will discuss the issue in parliament.

44. We build our franchises on growth not cuts.

45. We didn’t have to be an Olympic partner to provide a gold medal winning service for athletes and customers alike.

46. We take everyone from Olympians and Paralympians to Brad and Angelina, to a little old lady going to see her grandchildren, you’re all VIPs to us.

47.This isn’t our network, it is not the government’s, it is yours and it deserves to be run responsibly and with the best interests of the customer and the country at its very core.

48. Virgin Trains has spent 15 years getting you where you need to go but this time we need your help.

49. People think what we do is easy, until they try and copy it. You can teach anyone to do a job but you can’t teach somebody to care. We care.

50. Virgin Trains is not just a company it is part of a Virgin group, which shares a vision. A vision that continues to be innovative and daring and which strives constantly to showcase the true greatness of Britain. We strive to achieve this by empowering our employees to continually deliver an unbeatable customer experience.

And one more for luck…

51. In the time it takes for you and 41 and a half of your friends to complete this petition we could have taken you from Birmingham to London Euston.

Sign the e-petition here.