Wiley Wants to Work With Dizzee Rascal

Even after the long ongoing feud between Wiley and Dizze Rascal, the Rolex rapper has admitted that he still wants to put their differences behind them and get in the studio…

The talented musicians, who used to spend hours, together making music when Dizzee was a member of Roll Deep crew, have drifted apart over the last eight years but Wiley has always tried to make amends to no avail. In a recent interview Wiley said:

I’ve been wanting to work with him, but how long can I hold out for, bro? I’ve been breaking my neck trying to make it happen for years

But there’s only so many times someone can try and after his best efforts and many public attempts to try and reconcile, the wait seems to have taken it’s toll on Wiley who stated:

These people are their own men, and they can do what they’re doing. I’m always going to wonder why we can’t just let bygones be bygones. But now I just want to sell records

With Wiley’s Heatwave sitting at number one on the mid-week charts, Pop success may be just what he needs to show Dizzee he means business.